About Me

My name is Pam Peebles. I’m a certified holistic health and wellness coach and I’m also a plant based vegan foodie!

I work with women who are want to permanently lose weight, get healthy and rock their lives!

Before we go further… let me tell you a little about myself and my journey into veganism!

I was first introduced to veganism in 2009 but unfortunately at that time I didn’t stick with it.

After dealing with some serious health issues and weight gain, I decided that it was time to recommit and return to following a plant based lifestyle.

It was around that time that I was diagnosed with heart disease and I hit menopause (almost simultaneously) and before I knew it, I had gained over 75 lbs!

At the time I was following a keto diet but nothing was really working and quite honestly the foods I was eating was only making me feel HORRIBLE!

At the time I went to go see a nutritionist who told me that because of my high cholesterol and high blood pressure, keto/low carb was not a good option for me.

So I went to my doctor who put me on diet pills (which didn’t work by the way) and instead of losing weight – I gained… and not a little bit!

It was over 25 pounds!

So now, here I was 100 over weight with heart disease, and I was dealing with menopause and had developed aches and pains and all type other types of ailments!

Against the doctor’s wishes I decided to take control of my life and go back to what I knew had worked for me.


The first 90 days I did 30 days of juicing, followed by 30 days of smoothies and then I followed a raw diet for 30 days and in total I lost over 75 pounds!

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Then over the next 60 – 90 days I focused on retraining my body to eat to live… and I ate nothing but whole plant based foods and began to exercise and the remaining 25 lbs came off pretty rapidly!

Before I knew it, my health issues had diminished and now I’m proud to say that I’m at the lowest lowest weight I’ve even been and I’m smaller then when I was in high school!

If you’re here to learn how to get healthy and retrain your body to become a lean, mean fat burning machine – then you’ve come to the right place because becoming a whole food, plant based vegan will allow you to eat until you are full without feeling guilty!

You just have to retrain yourself on the right foods to eat and I can help you with that!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been told most of your adult life that carbs make you fat when that information couldn’t be further from the truth!

The reality is refined carbs make you fact… not the good healthy carbs that I’ll teach you how to eat!

You see… for so long we were taught that fruit is bad and potatoes are bad… when the truth is – they are not!

There’s no such thing as bad fruit or bad potatoes… until you add sugar to the fruit or fry the potatoes!

The reality is once you learn HOW to eat and follow this lifestyle, you won’t only lose weight and feel better but you won’t ever want to return to your bad eating habits!

I love to empower women and when some of these women, who have been dealing with weight and/or health issues for DECADES, finally realize that they can follow a plant based vegan lifestyle to heal their bodies from the inside out.

I’m like… OMG – THEY GOT IT!!!

This is WHY I do this!

I’ve been coaching in the health, wellness and personal development field for over 25 years.

I decided to start Vegan Women Rock because it was needed and I wanted to build a positive and supportive community for women like me!

Something with real world strategies that I know will work.

And unlike other vegan websites, Vegan Women Rock encourages women who are plant based, curious, transitioning or fully vegan.

My goal is to provide resources, tips, information and education that will empower women to take better care of themselves as well as the world we live in.

And that’s why I share my love of veganism and the health benefits of following a plant based diet with women all over the world via this website, through my social media pages, through my courses, and through my private coaching.

If you’d like assistance with going vegan please check out some of our many resources below:

And if you’d like to work directly with me, I’d love to have you on board. I only work with a limited amount of clients so please click here to fill out a brief questionnaire and if we’re a good fit, someone will contact you to get started!

If at anytime you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

With Love,

Pam Peebles